Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget


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Get in a flap with the Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget

This gorgeous Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget has one aim in life and that is to flap, quiver and dance on the end of its stick just for you. Who knew that a butterfly could be so selfless, but there we have it. Once the sun pours down upon this happy little insect, its wings will move hither and thither and up and down, making you think of summer gardens, fields of wild flowers and picnics on the lawn, even on a cold January day. Your flighty little friend can flap and flutter all day long if it’s in direct sunlight, so you could pop it into the conservatory or on a windowsill and let it just get on with it. Our gift shop is full of the things, flapping away like mad.

Don’t just get one Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget – get a whole bunch of them and stick the supporting stems into flower pots, tuck them into indoor plants, or attach them to picture frames. They’re not waterproof but they’ll look very pretty doing their butterfly thing in a group in the garden on a sunny day. You might find that the local moggies get very interested and will sit there transfixed wondering what on earth is going on!

Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget Information
  • The Solar Butterfly is a solar powered butterfly that will vibrate its wings when the sun comes out!
  • Mounted on a plastic stake
  • Bendable stems allow you to angle the butterfly and flower
  • Only suitable for sunny conditions, not splash proof
  • No batteries needed!
  • It measures approx 300 cm x 135 mm x 100 mm
  • Great Gift Idea for ages 12 and over
  • So what comes in the Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget Box?

  • 1 x Solar Powered Butterfly Gadget
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