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Unwind with this microbead Stress Relieving Vibrating Massage Pillow

You can cosy up to it, you can rest your head on it and it will embrace your neck and give it a relaxing massage. No, we’re not talking about a boyfriend; we’re talking about the Stress Relieving Vibrating Massage Pillow. In fact, who needs a boyfriend who hogs the TV remote and leaves the toilet seat up when you can just snuggle up to a lovely pillow that pampers you and asks for nothing in return. I suppose the only thing the pillow can’t do that a boyfriend can is getting rid of spiders for you, but that is literally it.

If you do happen to have a boyfriend or husband who comes home late demanding a massage, then you can either send him out to go and pay for one, or you can hand him this Stress Relieving Vibrating Massage Pillow.
The Stress Relieving Vibrating Massage Pillow also makes a great gift for older people who suffer from stiff joints and aching muscles. Make your grandparents’ Christmas a relaxing one with this ache and pain relieving pillow of joy. If you’re feeling really generous, get one for your cat and watch it purr with delight as it rubs up against the cushy pillow.

Stress Relieving Vibrating Massage Pillow Information


  • The Cushtie Vibrating Microbead Pillow is a neck or back pillow which vibrates
  • Full of lovely microbeads
  • Come with elastic strap to secure it to the back of your chair
  • It takes 3 x AA batteries (not included)
  • The massage Pillow measures approx 360 mm x 240 mm x 110 mm


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