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Personalised Flashing T-Shirt

Flashing is frowned upon, it can even get you arrested if you’re not careful, but there are ways around it; the Personalised Flashing T-Shirt allows you to flash all around town, in restaurants, in bars, clubs or cafes. You might want to turn it off at the cinema to avoid being pelted by popcorn and Maltesers though. You can write whatever you like on the little white board and it will glow, flash or strobe your design. If everyone’s forgotten your birthday this year, write them a reminder on your t-shirt. If you have an important political message to share, brandish it around on your clothing and you’re sure to catch people’s attention. If you accidentally offend someone, quickly wipe of the message and replace it with a big flashing “sorry” message!

The Personalised Flashing T-Shirt is the ideal gift for any outgoing and outspoken person who loves to draw attention to themselves; we all have a friend of two who loves to be in the spot light. It makes the perfect Birthday gift, you could even pre-write a message designed exactly for that occasion. Going to a Stag do soon? Why not get all the party crew to wear T-shirts with fun facts about the groom to be written on them?Emergency Phone or Ipod Battery Charger
What could be more disheartening on a long journey than putting your earphones in to find that your iPod or phone has completely run out of batteries and you face the prospect of a long and boring journey without any music to keep you company? Luckily, this Emergency Phone of Ipod Battery Charger, powered by a AA battery, gives you up to 2 hours talk time on a phone of 600 minutes of standby. So you can enjoy some music as long as you don’t forget to bring the charger along, of course. Stash one in your handbag and one in your car to make sure you’re covered at all times. Remember, you never know when you might desperately need to tell your partner that they need to buy milk on their way home and a dead battery will thwart you.

Personalised Flashing T-Shirt information

  • The T-Qualiser T Shirt is sound activated and will light up to the beat of music!
  • The T Shirt is made from soft black cotton
  • Your funky T Shirt can be hand washed and hung dry (just remember to unplug the battery pack and front panel!)
  • The T Shirt comes in Medium (97 cm – 102 cm chest), Large (104 cm – 109 cm chest) and X Large (112 cm – 117). Please make your selection from the options above
  • It takes 2 x AAA Batteries (not included) which can be found above.
  • The T-Qualiser makes a fantastic personalised gift for ages 10 plus
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