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Set of 4 Shotgun Cartridge Shot Glasses


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    Okay partner, park my horse and fill up this Set of 4 Novelty Shotgun Cartridge Shot Glasses

    Strap on your chaps and spit that tobacco, Wild Sid of Staines has got a Set of 4 Shotgun Cartridge Shot Glasses and he's gonna use 'em. Slide the hooch along the bar and fix the barman with a steely eye, whilst watching out for any gunslingers reflected in the mirror. No-one's going to catch you unawares, no sirreeeeee and I'm the new Sherriff around these parts. Best news of all is that these glasses are plastic with metal bases, so we'll have none of that shootin' up the bar and breakin' all the glassware. Time we got some order around this place. So fill 'em up, bartender, and pass them around my friends here. They look like they could use a shot.

    OK it's time to rip off the cowboy outfit and throw a barbecue. Invite all your mates and pass this Set of 4 Shotgun Cartridge Shot Glasses round and pretend you're all Cold War spies drinking in some dark, undiscovered meeting place in Minsk. Plot and plan your underground nefarious activities and write secret notes to one another asking who's got the Scotch. And a great gift for the parents in law too, if marriage wasn't the first thing on your mind when you took their daughter to the pictures, and perhaps it will make good old dad put away his blunderbuss for another year.

    Set of 4 Shotgun Cartridge Shot Glasses Inforamation

  • Our Set of 4 Shot Gun Shot Glasses look like empty bullet shells!
  • They come in a set of 4
  • The Shot Glasses have a plastic body and metal base
  • Each Shot glass measures approx 70 mm x 40 mm x 40 mm
  • Perfect Gift for themed parties and events!
  • Great Stag & Hen Night Gift Idea
  • Great Novelty gift idea for ages 18 and above
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    by Thelma Greenways
    Date Added: 10/19/2009
    I know you like to have people writing reviews about the things they buy so I just wanted to say that this little set of 4 shotgun cartridge shot glasses really made my son's day. He's just turning 40 and this was a nice fun little extra to give him along with his other presents. Even his son fancies getting a set at college so you'll have a run on them soon! I would never have thought that a simple set of 4 shotgun cartridge shot glasses could have been such a hit! Thelma Greenways.

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