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Star Wars Darth Vaders Bath Robe


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    Star Wars Darth Vaders Galactic Empire Men's Bath Robe

    This amazing Star Wars Bath Robe range is ideal for any Sci-Fi fan! This Dark Lord hooded bathrobe is black with an embroidered Galactic Empire emblem and sash belt.Ah, I can hear the music now, the credits zooming below us into deep, dark space...'A long time ago, in a Bathroom far far away...The Rebel Alliance and Galactic Hoobie Wotsits have been poking fun at Gareth's thinning bathrobe and surprisingly small Lightsaber. It is up to Darth Vader to bring Gareth over to the Dark Side and wrap him in dark cotton comfiness. Evil or not, the man's got style and black is very slimming...'

    Our Star Wars Dressing Gowns make the ultimate Birthday, Christmas and Housewarming gifts! Is your brother going off to University? Treat him to a Galactic Empire Bathrobe to prance the halls in. Father's Day coming up? You'll have it covered with this awesome dressing gown!Made of 100% cotton and paying homage to one of the most legendary Sci-Fi movies of all time, the Star Wars Men's Dressing Gown will keep you cosy and warm on a chilly evening whilst your wife shivers in her Princess Leia slave outfit. Well, it is your Birthday...

    Star Wars Darth Vaders Galactic Empire Men's Bath Robe

  • The Star Wars Dressing Gown has a Galactic Empire emblem embroidered on the front
  • This bathrobe is made of 100% cotton velour and is machine washable on a cool wash
  • It has 2 front pockets and a cotton sash belt
  • The dressing gown is 1 size and will fit adults. This is quite large so will fit men's sizes medium to extra large
  • The bath robe is approx 144 cm long with a 68 cm chest (when measured across the front)
  • Sleeve length 62 cm
  • Our dressing gowns make fantastic gifts for Dark Lord's aged 16 to 160!
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