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Star Wars USB Light Saber Lamp


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    Illuminate your online StarWars blogging with this Star Wars USB Light Saber Lamp

    Luke Skywalker would have given his right arm for a handy little desklight like the Star Wars USB Light Saber Lamp. Plugged in via the USB on your PC or laptop, this will light up your desk and enhance your online StarWars blogging, or you could use it by the bed as you turn the pages of your fab StarWars fan books. Unplug it and for a further ten minutes you can feel the force and do battle with imaginary enemies, and with 136cm you can go for the throat. Perfect gift for a policeman too, and then the force will always be with him.

    Great too for little StarWars fans who might not yet be used to sleeping in deep space and just need the Star Wars USB Light Saber Lamp left on. It's a long hard road learning to tread in Skywalker's footsteps and the risks are many, particularly strange hairy creatures under the bed and odd blokes speaking in heavy accents behind a bit of perforated plastic. But illuminated with this reminder of the noble path, mini StarWars neophytes will dream of brave deeds and battles, and won't be waking upin the middle of the night with nightmares.

    Star Wars USB Light Saber Lamp iNFO

  • The Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp is a USB light in the shape of a miniature Lightsaber!
  • Includes 10 minute timer button
  • Lamp is fitted with a rechargeable battery, no other batteries required!
  • The Lightsaber should be placed in it's transparent base and left to charge for 4 hours to reach maximum charge
  • The length of the USB cable is 1360 mm
  • The Random Shop's USB Lamp measures approx 340 mm x 55 mm x 55 mm on the base
  • So what comes with the Star Wars USB Light Saber Lamp?

  • 1 x Star Wars Lightsaber USB Lamp
  • 1 x Lamp Base
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