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VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner


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    What is the VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner

    This great VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner scans 35mm camera film negatives and slides and converts them to digital photos that you can keep forever and upload them to your computer or into you can put them to your digital photo frames. With the Digital Film Scanners software you can enhance, edit and retouch your images with easily. Our Digital Film Scanner is a wonderfully compact and still little in size negative and slide scanner that scans in your old 35mm photographic negatives and slides, uploading them directly onto your computer.

    Everybody has nowadays opted for the ease and practicality of digital cameras, but how many strips of negatives do you still have in boxes and drawers around your house? I'd think thats a lot. Including all those family trips, special occasions, embarrassing moments and fond memories on little strips of plastic. Photos get passed around, lost, ripped and fade with time, so why not get out those negatives and pop them into our USB VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner! You could email them to many people close to you, for example to friends. You could embarrass them on their online profiles with old school photos or print out your pictures and create a new album full of fond memories!

    VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner can do

    • The VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner can scan 35mm film and slides
    • The VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner is only 190 mm x 90 mm x 90 mm so won't fill up your desk and makes storage easier and almost fun!
    • Our VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner are powered by USB and are compatible with Windows XP and USB 2.0
    • The resolution of your images will be 5 mega pixels, equal to 1800dpi(enhances to 3600 dpi)
    • The Digital Film Scanner also has a editing software with it
    • Easy enough for ages 12 and all above that!

    In the VuPoint 35mm Digital Film Scanner box

    • 1(one) x Digital Film Scanner with USB (Universal Serial Bus)cable attached
    • 1(one) x 35mm negative holder(for the films)
    • 1(one) x Slide holder
    • 1(one) x Software CD(For Windows XP)
    • 1(one) x Leaflet of Instructions
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